With the new requirements of social distancing and the constant news about the Corniavirus our fears, anxiety and loneliness may be increasing.  During this time  where we are focused on our immediate needs like our family’s health, enough food, our home, and our jobs, we must not forget OURSELVES.  Our mental health is just as important!  There are options for counseling even during this period of social distancing and shelter in place restrictions such as Telemental Health.

Let Clinical Social Worker, Dr. Beth Plachetka from Safe Harbor Counseling and Dr. Beth Speaks and Mike Williams
from WSPY News radio 107.1 help you understand how Telemental Health works and how it can help you.  Insurance is covering Telemental Health now.  It is time to put you at the top of your priority list.  Don’t struggle through this uncertainty alone.  We are all in this together and together we are stronger.

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