We are all feeling overwhelmed right now with stress and anxiety over keeping safe, our work situations, choosing the right school option, our relationships, and being isolated.  We have become depressed with all that is weighing on our minds.

You don’t have to struggle with this alone.  It’s ok to ask for help and take care of you.  Your mental health is important.

Safe Harbor Counseling is here to help by providing:

  • Information/education
  • Advice-guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action.
  • Counseling- the provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties, especially by a professional.
  • Therapy – develop insight about yourself your condition and your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

We offer appointments both in-person at office (with social distancing and health monitoring) and remote (phone, zoom, and facetime).

Don’t wait to take care of you.

Listen to our podcast about how Safe Harbor Counseling can help, Click: Safe Harbor Counseling

The therapists at Safe Harbor Counseling are available when dealing with anxiety or other life issues that become overwhelming.  They are available for therapy and support for individuals, couples and families and offer Telemental Health Services.

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