During the holiday season, lights are everywhere. They shine on trees and illuminate houses. Candles glow on mantels and decorate windowsills. Nature provides light in the winter sky, with the moon and constellations offering peace and tranquility as well as unchanging reference points for travelers. The reliable glow of holiday lights and stars assures us that all is not lost, and that there is a way out of darkness.

“Life can bring darkness into our lives,” explained Dr. Beth Plachetka, LCSW, EdD from Safe Harbor Counseling and Dr. Beth Speaks. “Stress, anxiety, depression, confusion, trauma, fear, and grief can wrap us in darkness and affect every area of our lives. Relationships suffer, work is stressful, and self-esteem evaporates. Motivation withers. Energy is lost, and self-care seems pointless. Faith is distant, and it’s difficult to find our way without help.” Here are 5 ways to “find the light” during the holidays:

2. Focus on relationships. Identify people who matter to you, and remember the feelings of connection while savoring the memories.

3. Be mentally aware. “Watch your thoughts,” added Plachetka. “Negativity is a stealthy invader into how we interpret the world. Look for the positive while acknowledging the difficult.”

5. Seek professional help. “As therapists, we offer theory-based, confidential support,” said Plachetka. “Most people know the way out of their emotional darkness, they just need someone to point out the light.”

The therapists at Safe Harbor Counseling are available when dealing with SAD, anxiety, depression or other life issues that become overwhelming. They are available for therapy and support for individuals, couples and families and offer Telemental Health Services.

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